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We’ve Just Raised the Bar on Campfire Cooking…

Quik! ADJUST ~ Outdoor Cooking Grill

The Undisputed King of Campfire Cooking!

We would like to introduce you to a New simple and innovative solution for hassle free Campfire Cooking with our Quik! ADJUST campfire grill.

The Quik! ADJUST over the fire outdoor campfire cooking grill was developed and produced for one reason…

To put the FUN back into CAMPFIRE COOKING with our campfire grill !



Hear what people are saying about the Quik! Adjust Grill…


I just wanted to drop you a line about the grill I bought from you…
My family and I have been living w/o power due to Hurricane Rita… Your grill was out life saver!! I grill outdoors a lot. I have lots of things to choose from, but your grill was the one I used 24/7… if I wasn’t cooking on it, I had a HUGE pot of water over the fire for washing, cleaning etc. I meant it when I say 24/7 it was in use the entire time!
Your grill is an excellent product! Life wasn’t easy in the heat and aftermath of Rita, BUT I really do think that your grill was the most important item that we used during this difficult time.
Please feel free to quote this e-mail if you would like, and thanks again for such a great product!! I will be sending others your way!

From: cloverscupboard

My husband and I went camping a lot this past summer and we carted along our gas grill and hot dog sticks. As the summer went on it became a pain. So we started paying attention to fellow campers and what they were using. We figured out what we liked and didn’t like about some of the options that people were using. Then one guy we talked to said get on the Internet and see if you can find something that might suit the bill. I looked up approx. 30 web sites and my husband and discussed them all. He said if he were to buy one it would be your grill. So now I am trying to surprise him for Christmas. The only thing that I would like to go with your grill would be and accessories hanger or something of that nature. You never have a kitchen counter or a hook to put things on next to a fire.

Jason & Gretchen Hageman