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Details and Specs for the Quik! Adjust  Grill

Quick! ADJUST ~ Outdoor Cooking Grill

Quik Adjust Details.

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • 30 inches of adjustment from the ground up
  • Huge 18-inch x 30-inch grilling surface
  • 1″ lip around grill to keep food on the grill
  • Patented locking lever will lock anywhere without pins,
  • screws or weight
  • No assembly required ever
  • Compact and portable
  • Sets up in under a minute
  • Fits over campfire rings
  • Lightweight – Only 11 lbs!!
  • Heavy duty – will hold over 150 lbs
  • Will not come apart and is virtually indestructible
  • Rust resistant components
  • 4-leg stability
  • Canvas storage bag included.

Hear what people are saying about the Quik! Adjust Grill!

Hello guys ,we just got back from camping and we used our grill again. Even though David is the one who got it, I simply love it, since I am the one who does all the cooking. I gave your phone number to a couple by the name of Chris and CJ Mullins from Moscow, Ohio. I hope that they order one from you. I really advertised this grill to them, and they saw how it worked, because I was cooking all the time. I also keep your information in the camper for anyone who is interested in it. Thanks Again, (ONE HAPPY CAMPER) Ginny Long of Bethel, Ohio

Ginny Long

I’m sure you know how cool your grill is, but I just had to tell you again. I’ve been camping and cooking the last three weekends. I made it a point to tour the grounds and see what other people were using. Trust me, other stuff just did not compete. Ease of operation while cooking can’t get any better. Had her loaded up with a pan of beans and enough pork for 8 people at once. That’s a grill! Thanks again. Clint

P.S. – let me know if you get the frame for free standing.

Clint Weidert